Mission Statement

Restoring our water for a healthier natural environment.


  • Preserve the natural environment.
  • Protect the public health and welfare.
  • Service to the public.
  • Efficient and effective provision of service.
  • Maintain and follow high standards of achievement.
  • Trust and respect for the individual.


  • Compliance with NPDES permit.
  • No accident or personal injury.
  • No odor complaints.
  • No sewer backups or overflows.
  • Operate within established budget.
  • Commitment to teamwork.
  • Accomplish mission statement.


  • Trust and respect for every individual.
  • Shared decision-making results in success.
  • Ethics govern every relationship.
  • Never allow our mission to be compromised by short-term gains.
  • Support continuous improvement.
  • We are here for the ALASD; the ALASD is not here for us.